More about the new Service Monitor

Personal Renamer is being upgraded, and now has an official website  Please visit

The service monitor control panel has been added to the original directory monitor dialog, which has also been improved.

Here you can control the starting,stopping and pausing of the service as well as the interval that it will scan the desired directory and rename,copy or move the files. This dialog also gives you feedback on what files are in the source and destination directories.

Unlike the original monitor you do not have to have this dialog , nor personal renamer to be open in order for the service to run. It will stay running when the program is shut down.


  1. please, add Folder monitor auto start when program starting.

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    Many thanks

  3. HI

    I have been looking at this, this afternoon.
    If the pc reboots or crashes or something can this be set as a windows service?
    Or would i need to manually start the service each time

  4. Hi, I've read the reviews on your software and it sounds awesome - but I've tried downloading it multiple times from different sources on Sourceforge but keep getting this error: "There is a problem with this Windows Installer package. A DLL file required for this install to complete could not be run. Contact your support personnel or package vendor". Please help! Really want to try this out, especially for the auto-renamer! Thanks, Adam

  5. Adam,
    Can you tell me what operating system and version you have?
    This program was made for windows, Make sure you have the latest windows updates and sometimes you have to get the .NET package directly from microsoft, you can try this, hopefully its as simple as that.

  6. Hello. Somebody already requested the feature I need back in 2011. It should scan directories recursively. My situation is that my SmartTV can't see mkv files over DLNA. 99% of the time, just renaming them .mp4 will make them play. But a lot of these files come in folders. So I need to recursively monitor the videos folder for new folders with mkv's in it. Please?

  7. Please explain what you mean by recursively, are you talking about scanning multiple directories or one specific location? If it is one location this can be done, the program will scan the folder at any interval you disire and can continue to scan it over and over. should you need to monitor more than one folder you can run multiple instances of the program.

  8. Is it possible to have the Directory Monitor service automatically restart after a server reboot? Seems you can only restart the service from the application

  9. No, Part of the reason for this is that it has to be send so many settings for each file rename so As of now it is not possible to have it automatically restart, this may be introduced in the next release.