More about the new Service Monitor

The service monitor control panel has been added to the original directory monitor dialog, which has also been improved.

Here you can control the starting,stopping and pausing of the service as well as the interval that it will scan the desired directory and rename,copy or move the files. This dialog also gives you feedback on what files are in the source and destination directories.

Unlike the original monitor you do not have to have this dialog , nor personal renamer to be open in order for the service to run. It will stay running when the program is shut down.

Personal Renamer is available

Many have waited for this release, more specifically for the addition of the service monitor which has been added to the program in this release. Personal Renamer has always had the option to monitor a directory and rename files but with this latest addition users can have Personal Renamer monitor a directory invisibly the background, and more importantly while logged out. This is  a very powerful and useful addition. Other new features include Undo and the option to apply saved settings when program starts up.